The Climate Solutions Advocacy Institute (CSAI) is an educational and advocacy program that creates transformative climate solutions and legislation in university law and environmental science schools, and then build the massive public awareness and grassroots political support needed to pass them in state legislatures.
CSAI is a project of the educational 501(c)3 non-profit Informing to Empower, a non partisan organization committed to building a stronger democracy.
CSAI’s proposed Solar Farm Green Bond solution would finance the largest solar farm network on earth and end the burning of all fossil fuels for electricity generation in California.

The solution calls for a $3 billion per year green bond bill for 20 years. Each year, $2 billion would be spent to finance about 20 new solar farms, averaging 600 acres and 100 MWh of electricity generating capacity. An additional $1 billion would be spent on power storage and transmission lines to move the electricity to where it is needed. The bonds are paid for by the sale of electricity to utility companies.

The solar farm solution proposes that owners of Central Valley farmland, which can no longer be cultivated due to drought and depleted aquifers, would be given priority for leases from private solar farm operators, providing ancillary benefits of avoiding an otherwise imminent dustbowl of pollutants, while providing thousands of jobs and helping replenish aquifers.

The solution was developed in spring 2022 at the UC Davis School of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. In August, 2022, the University of California, Davis School of Law began offering Law 285J – Drafting a Solar Farm Bill Practicum, to develop a legislative white paper for a new Solar Farm Green Bond bill.

In September, 2022, a concurrent practicum course, open to all UC Davis grad students, called “Revolutionary Organizing for Climate Solution Implementation” (ECO 290/CRN: 29643), will be taught by CSAI’s co-founders Jonathan Greenberg and Anthony Wexler, as well as Colin Murphy, Deputy Director of UC Davis’ Policy Institute for Energy, Environment, and the Economy.

The class will research and conduct direct outreach to build support for a California Solar Farm Green Bond bill, while gathering feedback from numerous stakeholders and grassroots organizations about the solution and bill.

CSAI’s collaborative law and environmental graduate practicum program will be followed by an  evolutionary media advocacy campaign to build the massive public awareness around a proposed transformative climate solution bill that is necessary to have it supported by state legislators and implemented.

University of California Law School Dean Kevin R. Johnson explains why “climate change, environmental justice and protection of the environment are the civil rights issues of the 21st century.”

UC Davis Distinguished Professor Anthony Wexler explains how building massive solar farms on abandoned agricultural land in California’s Central Valley can prevent a dust bowl, while simultaneously meeting California’s clean energy needs.

Professor Wexler is co-founder of the Climate Solutions Advocacy Institute and a UC Davis Distinguished Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Land Air, and Water Resources. He is also the Director of the Air Quality Research Center.